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Exceptional service, High quality work

Since 2011, our talented team works hard everyday to provide the best services for our clients. We customize our offerings based on each clients specific needs, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.


About Us.

Landscaping Tasmania is a family owned business based in Hobart Tasmania.

We specialise in building striking outdoor spaces.
That the home owners can enjoy year round.

We build artistic, design and function based spaces that are extensions of the home rather than an after thought.

The design is based on a collaboration with the customer bringing their ideas to life along with professional advice from our team.

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The services we provide

Landscape design

Get advice from an industry professional.

We have the experience and knowledge to help select and plan elements for your outdoor space whether it's an outdoor entertaining area, a deck, a set of architectural floating concrete stairs for your entry way, a paved path, a retaining wall, garden light installations, advanced wifi irrigation systems or even an outdoor fire pit or water feature. Make Landscaping Tasmania the first port of call to get it done right the first time.
Indoor and out door, we can even do natural stone veneer works or pour in place concrete bbq benches and outdoor kitchens.


Expert Service by experienced and accredited professionals.

We have the experience, skills and equipment necessary to tackle  every type of paving that you may need.  From small paths and patios to driveways and even industrial paving. Another option to consider is permeable paving. Ask us for more details on what can be achieved with this type of paving. With Landscaping Tasmania, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results. We are accredited by the Concrete Masonry Association of Australia and an Adbri Masonry preferred installer.
We have laid 
thousands of m2 of concrete and natural stone pavers.
Don't just settle, call Landscaping Tasmania and get the job done right.

Retaining walls

Expert service by leading professionals.

Landscaping Tasmania is committed to getting the job done right (being both Adbri Masonry preferred contractors and Accredited by Concrete Masonry Association of Australia), especially when it comes to retaining walls. 
Using a combination of tried and tested methods and new innovative techniques and tools, Landscaping Tasmania is at the forefront of the hardscaping* industry in Tasmania.
Blocks, bricks, concrete and natural stone, whatever type of wall you need we can do it.

(*Hardscaping is a term that refers to the hard elements in your yard: concrete, bricks, and natural stone.
Softscape is the soft 
components, like perennial flowers, shrubs, grass, mulch and trees.
Softscape is living; hardscape is not. Ideally, a well-designed landscape incorporates a balance between the two elements.)


Irrigation solutions from basic irrigation for your lawn all the way to multi zone, wifi enabled irrigation systems.
Talk to us today to find out how simple it can be to keep up with the watering your garden needs to look its best all year round, without having to spend hours hand watering or standing in the yard with a hose when you have better things to do.
An irrigation system can reduce over or 
under watering of your landscape. It can reduce water bills on garden watering up to 40%. By delivering water exactly where it needs to be and matching the ability of the soil to absorb water and reduce run off we can help you to save water that would other wise go down the drain.

Using quality irrigation supplies is only the first step when it comes to having a first class irrigation system ready to do the watering for you.
Landscaping Tasmania uses mainly Hunter and Rainbird Control systems and irrigation supplies. The industry leaders in quality irrigation components.

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Landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is one of the best investments you can make to your property. Outdoor lights add a sense of drama to your landscaping. The illumination makes your house stand out by boosting the curb appeal at night.

Landscape lighting offers more than just improving your homes appearance at night.
It offers 
functionality allowing outside areas to be used after dark for dining and entertaining.

It offers safety for yourself and guests,  The safety of your family and guests when outside or entering the home is another benefit of outdoor lighting. Home exteriors are full of potential dangers, like stairs, drop-offs, pools and tripping hazards. Lighting near those hazards makes them visible to prevent a fall or other injury. Lights that illuminate the driveway, walkways and house numbers allow visitors to find your home safely and with ease.

It offers home security, deterring burglary, if thieves can't easily access your home without being noticed they may avoid it all together. Lights illuminating your home's exterior makes the house less attractive for vandalism and burglary. A criminal cannot approach your home as easily and has fewer hiding spots in the landscaping with a well-lit exterior. Illuminating entrance points, like doors and windows, with lights makes it difficult for a potential burglar to break in unnoticed. When choosing where to place landscape lighting for security, consider the darkest areas of the yard and the places near the home where a burglar could hide or enter.

Mini digger works.

With our mini digger we can achieve things in a short amount of time, things that would have otherwise taken hours or days to complete. From moving soil, bark or gravel to digging post or tree holes, digging trenches for services, smoothing ground, excavations and so much more. Without the need for back breaking work or the need to give up your weekends for DIYs. Get the results you need and deserve.

Plant selection and planting.


Trained in horticulture .

We have staff trained in horticulture. We have the experience and knowledge to help select plants that are beautiful and functional. With Landscaping Tasmania, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.
Different types of planting styles can be used through out the project. Low maintenance, native, arid, cottage style, formal and informal gardens. With todays population needing to work longer hours with less time to spend in the garden, low maintenance plantings are the most common garden options. They are also popular with investment and rental properties, requiring less water, less maintenance and less cost in the long run, also providing a better resale when the time comes to sell.
Meaning they have a very good return on investment.

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Tropical Leaves

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Landscaping Tasmania

Landscaping Tasmania
Landscape Tasmania
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Landscape Tasmania

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Oatlands project 2020

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