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A fully landscaped garden can be a significant investment. An investment which on average can increase the value of your home by 14% and research shows homes with attractive landscaping sell faster as well. Protect your investment by installing a wifi irrigation system.
Give the landscape the water it needs to perform at its best year round.

Irrigation with Landscaping Tasmania. It's all about keeping your investment growing and your water bills down. We can help you save up to 40% on your garden watering bills*. By using a wifi smart controller for your irrigation like a Hunter Pro HC.
This controller uses the internet to connect with local weather stations and past weather data to predict when watering will be required and water accordingly. Further more we can set up specific events where watering will not occur, for example where wind is predicted to be over 20km/h which could blow water away from the areas that need it and onto hardscape elements, increasing run-off and reducing watering efficiency.

*Compared to hand watering with a hose or sprinkler.

A great irrigation system design starts with a pressure and flow test on site to determine the best approach.  For those properties that have higher pressure the Accu-sync pressure regulator is the perfect solution. Regulating pressure prolongs system life and provides the ideal pressure for they type of irrigation being used. These come in fixed models ranging from 30psi to 40psi and adjustable from 20 -100psi for perfect adjustment to suit the application.

Not quite ready to take the jump into wifi smart irrigation?
Ask for a hunter bluetooth node system with one or two valves for operation. It is a battery operated irrigation controller that fits onto a standard garden tap.

Hunter MP rotators

Hunter MP rotators or Matched Precipitation Rotators can offer multiple rotating streams which apply water more efficiently.  This increased efficiency results in 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays.

An MP rotator is water saving irrigation equipment that converts spray heads easily. MP rotators reduce water use while making the irrigation system more efficient.

Ask for MP rotators for any new irrigation set up or to increase the efficiency of an older spray type system.


A smart wifi irrigation system like hunter Hydrawise offers almost endless adjustability. An easy interface and computer of smart phone based set-up and operation makes this one of the most user friendly systems to operate once initial set up is complete. Adjustments can be made accounting for seasonal variations, current and historical weather averages, and preset non water settings.
On new systems or as an upgrade to an older system this is the perfect addition to make the task of keeping the garden healthy easier. It can be operated with the tech of a button from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

After a solution for reclaimed water? we can help with that too. From spray heads to dripper hose and anything in-between.

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